What Type of Custom Jewelry is Best for You?

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Which Custom Jewelry is Best for You?

Custom jewelry is so special because not only is it truly a one-of-a-kind piece but the thought and time spent to create it is a gift in itself. If you’ve ever had the notion to create a custom jewelry piece for yourself or as a gift to someone you love you should give it a second thought because the process is incredibly fun and rewarding! It’s so exciting to go from seeing the layout on the computer and picking out gemstones, metals and settings to then having your very own tangible and unique piece of jewelry to show off. Some of you may already own special jewelry pieces that you want to incorporate into a new custom design. We can always help guide you in choosing which custom jewelry is right for you based on what diamonds, gemstones or metals you have.

Custom Rings

The most popular custom ring designs we have done for our customers are…you guessed it, wedding and engagement rings! The trends have been set to make the ring as unique as the person who will be wearing it and there are countless ways to do that. It’s important to talk to the jeweler about the lifestyle of the intended wearer to determine which look and setting best suites them, as well as your budget, so the best suggestions can be made to you. For example, we would probably suggest a platinum, 6-prong setting for someone that is very active and works a lot with their hands since that will lessen the chances of the metal losing its luster or loosening the centerstone. But again, it all depends on the style you’re looking for. Our engagement ring setting guide explains the different types of styles and settings and the metal choices you have. If you already have a center stone, such as a ring passed down through your family, we will help you create a look with your diamond or gem. Some things we often suggest are adding smaller stones to flank the main stone or embellishment with the gold or platinum setting itself. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to come into our Gilbert store yet! There is an online ring designer to help give you some visual ideas of the type of rings you may like.

Custom Bracelets

When creating a custom bracelet, as mentioned above, you’ll want to ask yourself about the style and activities of the person who will be wearing it and of course, your budget. This will come in handy when deciding what size of bracelet, the type of clasp you want, how you want the stones set and maybe even just using an intricate design with two tones of metal, like white gold and rose gold to make a statement piece. If you have an older style bracelet and want to revamp it or reuse parts of it there are some things to consider. Our expert jeweler is up to the task if you want to repurpose your gold, silver or diamond jewelry into a new custom design. Just know that it is not always possible to reuse all of your jewelry due to the metals or size of the gemstones. There is a great amount of work to salvage small diamonds and melt down the metal to rework it into a new jewelry piece so, for some, it may not be the most cost effective choice. However, selling your gold, platinum or diamonds could be another option and using those funds toward a custom bracelet or ring may be more budget friendly. It really all depends on how sentimental the jewelry is to you and if there is a high value in your metal, diamonds or other gemstone jewelry.  Our trained jewelers can give you the best ideas for custom bracelets based on what pieces you bring to our showroom.

Custom Necklaces

Custom necklace pendants are another popular jewelry piece and the designs are limitless. Maybe you have some older earrings or an outdated bracelet or necklace that you want to make into something more modern. Necklace pendants are a great way to repurpose gemstones from other jewelry that you don’t use or wear anymore. For instance, you can choose to use outdated gemstones, like those birthstone earrings or ring you don’t wear anymore, and put them in a necklace pendant setting. Surround it with small white diamonds to really make the centerstone stand out! If you have more than one gemstone to use there are some lovely designs to incorporate them into a custom necklace pendant or slide. So whatever your fancy, we can help you create a design with jewelry you already have or use completely new materials from our wide selection!

There is truly no limit when creating your own custom jewelry! If you have any questions about repurposing jewelry to make a custom design please feel free to call us. We enjoy working with our customers to create their custom jewelry and can help show you some examples when you visit us in Gilbert!


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