Watch Repair Services

If your watch or timepiece has stopped working let us help you repair it.  Watches have delicate mechanisms that work perfectly in unison to function and therefore, need regular maintenance and precise care. There could be many reasons why a timepiece isn’t working properly and here at Forever Diamonds we have the tools and expertise to repair all brands or types of watches. Some of our watch repair services are listed below, but feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Watch Battery ReplacementWatch batteries repair, service available in Gilbert, AZ.

Using premium brands the battery will be replaced, inspected and contacts will be cleaned to ensure there is no corrosion impeding the functionality of the timepiece.

Watch Link Adjustments & Band Repair

Our jewelers use the most advanced tools to repair broken clasps or remove unnecessary links in your watch band and if needed, will refinish scratches on the metal.

Watch Cleaning & Oiling

Womne's watch for watch crystal repair, services available in Gilbert, AZ.

Watches are put to the test daily by being exposed to all elements including the hot Arizona sun, sweat and hand washing, just to name a few. Our gentle cleaning and oiling of the gaskets will keep your watch ticking seamlessly.

Watch Crystal Repair, Polishing or Replacement

If your favorite watch has become dented, scratched, broken or just lost its luster our experts can remove these imperfections, polish the outside, and if needed, replace the watch crystal to renew your watch to its original shine.

At Forever Diamonds, we understand you may have your favorite wristwatch or a very treasured timepiece that requires delicate care so if you’re in the Gilbert area come visit us and we would be honored to serve you.

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