Watch Battery Replacement: DIY or Jeweler?

watch battery being replaced with jeweler tools

Watch Battery Replacement: DIY or Professional Jeweler?

Whether you’re a watch collector or just love wearing your favorite watch every day, the watch battery won’t be able to stand the test of time…no pun intended! We’re going to explain why a brand new watch will have the best battery life and why proper watch battery replacement is crucial to keeping your timepiece from needing any other repairs.

How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

The life span of a watch battery can vary depending on the age and type of watch you have. As with anything new, the newer a watch, the better the mechanisms work and the longer the battery will last. Typically the factory installed battery will last about 3-4 years because the watch is in top condition. As a watch wears down over time, the battery becomes more drained by the gears not working as smoothly and so replacement batteries tend to last for about 1-2 years at best. Another factor to take into account are how many functions are on the watch. A quartz watch with simple time and date functions does not use as much battery power as say a watch with chronograph or lighted features. Usually when a watch stops, that is the biggest indicator that a new battery is needed. However, in certain watch brands the watch will automatically reduce power consumption by dimmer light features or having the second hand tick less frequently. If you notice this happening, it’s time for a new battery!

What Can Happen from Improper Watch Battery Replacement?

Some of the best advice we can give is if your watch has stopped and you aren’t able to get around to replacing it right away, at least open the back and take out the battery. A dead watch battery that is left unchanged can leak and cause corrosion or moisture which leads to rust and could ruin the entire watch. If you are replacing the watch battery yourself, make sure that you take the old battery with you when buying a new one to ensure you get the correct replacement battery. Changing your watch battery by yourself can be simple and quick to get your favorite watch ticking like new without having to spend much but there are a couple things to think about. Nowadays, many watches are made in factories with robotic equipment and clean room standards to ensure particles and moisture do not make it into the watches themselves. That’s why the backing of most watches are tightly screwed on or pressure fitted to avoid this and also why you should wear gloves and change your watch battery in a clean, moisture-free and well lit area. It’s important to keep in mind that with some watches you may be able to successfully replace the battery at home but depending on the type of backing, your watch may require specific tools to remove the backing or to close it. If you find that is the case, feel free to bring it in so we can take care of it for you! Never try to pry the backing of a watch open or push down on it to close it. This can damage the secure fitting of the back and expose the mechanism and battery to the elements.

Can You Help Extend the Life of Your Watch Battery?

There are a few ways to extend your watch battery life. For example, if you only wear a certain watch for dressy or special occasions then pull out the crown to stop the watch from ticking while it’s not being worn. You’ll have to set it to the proper time when you do want to wear it again but it will help save the watch battery. Also, if your watch has an alarm or chronograph function those can drain the battery quickly so turning off those functions when you don’t need them are also beneficial. In general, taking overall good care of your watch by following these watch care tips can help extend the life of your favorite timepiece.

We know how important a watch can be to you, especially if it’s a family heirloom or a special gift so we want to help get your favorite timepiece back in order. Hopefully some of these hints will help you prolong the life of your watch battery as well as decide whether it’s worth it to change your watch battery yourself or if you need some extra help from our expert jewelers and their specific watch repair equipment!


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