Vintage Jewelry Restoration

vintage cameo and jeweler repair

Vintage Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Treasured family heirlooms, antique jewelry or estate jewelry can all fall under the category of vintage jewelry. All jewelry sees its share of physical stress and daily abuse, but vintage jewelry has seen more than it’s fair share. With advancements in tools and techniques it pays to utilize a jeweler experienced in vintage jewelry restoration and repair to handle these delicate pieces.

How do we approach our vintage jewelry restorations or repairs?

1. Personal Vintage Jewelry Consultation

People may hope to repair or restore vintage jewelry for many reasons and it’s during this initial consultation that we would like to determine your goals. Knowing the overall outcome you are hoping for will help our staff guide you in deciding the best approach your vintage piece. We then take the time to carefully evaluate the locations and the sizes of the damages and the wear that each piece has seen. Our inspections ensure that the obvious and the not so obvious repair needs are taken into account in order to fully and completely restore your jewelry.
We will also talk to you about your plans for the item and whether or not a repair is the best approach. Sometimes a re-creation of a your vintage piece (if it original isn’t a piece of sentimental value)  may be more cost effective in the long run depending on how much damage the item has seen.

2. Custom Vintage Jewelry Restoration Plan & Estimate

Once we have evaluated the jewelry itself we will be able to outline a plan of repair to you. We will let you know any possible risks that may be associated with the process and the reasons why these risks may or may not be worthwhile to you. We present you with a full plan cost estimate and then walk you through the ideal repair. Our customized approach allows us to help you prioritize repairs, if needed, to fit within your budget. As you choose the steps you would like to include, time is taken to document the plan and estimate up to the smallest detail on each piece. We will help you weigh all the technical and personal factors in your decision as well, including whether or not your item is a family heirloom that you plan on cherishing for years to come or an estate sale item that you hope to restore for resale.

3. Repairs, Restoration & Reuniting

Once we have determined the full extent of the repairs needed we can then get to work restoring the full beauty of the original piece. We use only the highest quality materials and our expert jeweler has extensive knowledge in vintage jewelry repair. All of our repairs are done within our showroom and are carefully identified with all your information so that no mix ups occur. If certain processes require a piece  to be sent out for specialty service we send it using USPS complete with insurance and tracking. When you entrust us with your jewelry, rest assured we make sure to take the highest precautions in our handling and repair.

What are some of the restoration services we offer for vintage jewelry?

  • Basic Vintage Jewelry Restoration: cleaning, polishing, restoring engraving, applying filigree or milgraining
  • Restorative Repairs: replacing lost stones, rebuilding settings, prongs or support galleries, repairing worn or broken prongs, re-cutting chipped gemstones or diamonds, thickening bezel walls, repairing bent, worn or broken shanks, repairing crushed jewelry
  • Corrective Restoration: replacing any badly fused solder seams or incorrect repairs

Once all of the repairs are complete you will be reunited with your vintage jewelry! We will show you the repaired areas to make sure we’ve met and exceeded your expectations. When it comes to finding someone to entrust with your vintage jewelry your search is over!