Surprise Your Loved One with a Diamond Upgrade!

Can You Wow Your Spouse With a Diamond Upgrade?

What way to better surprise your loved one than with jewelry and not just any jewelry, diamonds! It’s a new year and a chance to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate all they do. Maybe you have a milestone anniversary coming up this year? Take advantage of the wide selection and years of expertise our Gilbert jeweler offers to see what type of diamond upgrades you can choose from.

Which Gift is More Popular – Diamond Rings or Diamond Earrings?

Honestly, we tend to see customers buy more diamond rings than earrings but it really will depend on your personal preference. Usually the first place to start is by asking yourself what your significant other will most likely wear and therefore, enjoy more? This can help you decide which type of jewelry to shop for so that you can figure out other factors such as jewelry styles and of course your budget.

Diamond Rings: There are so many ways to upgrade diamond rings and that is why a lot of people choose this option as a birthday or anniversary gift. Firstly, you will want to be sure that your spouse is okay with either changing their current engagement or wedding ring or open to wearing an upgraded ring. For sentimental reasons, some people do not want anything altered and in that case, maybe earrings are your best bet! Usually though, we don’t hear any complaints! Secondly, working within your budget will help us suggest ideas like adding diamonds or gemstones to a current ring or buying a completely new diamond ring. Between the variety of styles, settings or even the option to custom design the diamond ring our Gilbert jewelers are here to guide you. Plus, we also have some visual examples so you can understand more about the different types of diamond settings.

Diamond Earrings: A popular choice for birthday and anniversary gift giving are diamond stud earrings because they are classic and can go with anything! If you are looking for earrings that have a little more personal touch then look to buy their favorite color or birthstone earrings with diamond accents. You could even consider the popular look of micro-pavé set diamonds in a round or square setting as pictured here since they are a little twist on the classic diamond stud earring.

Can You Spot the Difference Between a 1-Carat and 2-Carat Diamond?

This seems like a simple question, of course you could pick out a 1-carat diamond versus a 2-carat diamond, right?! It actually isn’t as easy as it sounds and can be tricky unless you have diamonds of different sizes side by side to make the comparison. Depending on a diamond’s shape and the color, cut and clarity, some diamonds that are actually smaller in carat weight look larger than diamonds of a different shape. These are the details a jeweler can help with if you are wanting to upgrade your spouse’s diamond but don’t want to break the bank doing it! A good place to start would be taking a look at loose diamonds to compare shapes and sizes. As mentioned above, you may already have a diamond ring that you want to enhance. An honest, skilled jeweler could take that existing diamond and re-set it with a halo of smaller diamonds around it to give the appearance of being a larger center stone. You could also ask your jeweler about adding side stones to a ring to increase the overall carat weight of a ring or they can help answer questions and offer other suggestions if you’re not quite sure which path to take.

So as you can see, there are a lot of fun ways to upgrade a diamond ring or to wow your spouse with a special pair of earrings! Plus, the traditional anniversary gift for 10 years is diamonds!! So if this is your year, we are here to help. As your trusted Gilbert jeweler, we hope you come to us with any questions you have or for any anniversary ideas that you may need.


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