Neck Chain and Necklace Repair

Necklace and Neck Chain Repair Services

Our necklace repairs are done by experienced jewelers who use the most advanced tools and the highest quality materials to repair your broken necklace.  In the case of beaded or pearl necklaces we also offer restoration and restringing to have your necklace back to you in no time!

Necklace Chain RepairNecklace chains that can be repaired at Forever Diamonds in Gilbert, AZ.

Not all necklace chains are created equal and therefore, we only recommend certain chains be used for heavy pendants or gemstones.  Flat-link, curb or box chains are usually very sturdy, hold heavy pieces and are easily repaired without showing much sign that a repair was even done.  Other chains however, like link and herringbone chains, can be very complex and may take longer to repair because of their intricacy but our expert jewelers are up to the task!  We also advise our customers that ‘do-it-yourself’ repairs may not give you the results you want, unless you have the proper tools and knowledge of the different types of necklace chains.  So bring in your broken necklace chain to our Gilbert showroom so we can start your repair today.

Necklace Repair

If you have a pearl, beaded or stone necklace that has broken, we advise putting all pieces in a tightly sealed bag and bringing it to be fixed as soon as you can.  This will help avoid small pieces being lost, some of which may be irreplaceable.  Depending on the type of necklace or if there was a pattern to the beading, we will ask you to show us the pattern and how you would like to restring the necklace.  If you are unsure, we are happy to give suggestions about the type of thread, monofilament or wire and are always sure to pay close attention to detail in our necklace repairs.

Pearl necklace that can undergo necklace repair or preventative care in Gilbert, AZ.

Preventative Necklace Care

We suggest having all your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked 2-3 times per year to keep up the brilliance of each piece.  Not only does this help keep things shining like new but during the cleaning process we can check for common signs of wear, like loose links, bent clasps or loose stones, and take measures to preserve your jewelry.  If you would like, we can add safety chains or clasps as an inexpensive way to ensure your favorite necklace or bracelet doesn’t break at an inopportune moment.

If you have questions about a necklace and whether your favorite charm or pendant should be on a different chain or how to tell when your pearls need restrung before breaking and rolling away, please come by Forever Diamonds or Contact Us today!