July’s Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby Mining in the U.S.

Although you won’t find rubies in Arizona, there are several states that have working ruby mines. If you are looking to do a little digging of your own you can visit Alabama, Arkansa or North Carolina to visit a number of “fee mining sites”. These sites allow you to pay a dig fee and find your own ruby!1

Brief Ruby Background

Rubies have long been considered a symbol of passion and intense emotions. The word ruby comes from the latin word ruber, simply translated as “red”.2 The ruby has been long prized throughout different cultures for centuries. It is very interesting to note that in Burma the ruby was thought to make warriors invincible. However, warriors were not protected simply by wearing rubies. In order to gain full protection warriors practiced inserting the rubies into their flesh and making them part of their bodies 2.   

What to Look For When Choosing a Ruby

A truly fine-quality ruby is considered to be very rare. Colors of rubies can range from pink to blood-red. The deepest, most red color of a ruby is often called “pigeon’s blood”.Rubies are also judged on quality according to the 4C’s. If you are unsure what this entails, please visit our 4C’s series to learn more! Rubies are very durable against everyday wear and tear. In fact, rubies are considered to be one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamonds.4

Color of an Ruby: Most famously – intense red

Variations on Color: Wide range of pink to blood red

Birthstone Month: July

Wedding Anniversary Year: 15th, 40th, and 95th!

Whether your birthstone is a ruby or you are looking to give someone a passionate symbol of your affection, the ruby is an excellent choice. If you have any questions or are looking for a ruby of you own please contact us.

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