How To Pick a Jeweler You Can Trust

If you live in or around the Gilbert area and are considering buying a gemstone, purchasing new jewelry or have priceless jewelry you would like repaired, it can be daunting to know where to go. Finding someone you can trust may take some searching, but is worth it when you think about the investment you’re making. You wouldn’t buy stocks or bonds without consulting a professional first. It is the same with finding a knowledgeable jeweler and can make all the difference in your jewelry purchase or repairs. Regardless of whether you live in Arizona or not, we’ve compiled a quick guide to choosing a jeweler which will help you find someone who best fits your needs.

1. Jeweler CredentialsJeweler examines diamond in Gilbert, AZ

All jewelers should be willing and able to provide you with answers to questions about their background and credentials. For example, ask “How long have you been in business?” and “Is the Gilbert store your only location?”. Longevity is important and you may wonder if there are other store locations in case you move to another area. You could also ask if they belong to any local organizations or if they are affiliated with any gem or mineralogical societies to see if they have legitimate ties to more well-known associations. Inquire as to any awards, degrees or certificates they have received and always check if the jeweler can provide independent lab reports on their diamonds and gemstones. Any reputable jewelry shop will be able to provide these grading certificates, most likely from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) who has the most trusted and accurate diamond reports in the world. If a jeweler cannot provide you with this information it would be best to go elsewhere to ensure you are truly getting what you pay for in a diamond or gemstone.

2. Knowledge & Skill of the Jeweler

As mentioned above, the grading certificates for loose diamonds or gemstones should be provided  without delay. The next important step is making sure you fully understand what you are purchasing and the mark of a good jeweler is one that will spend the time to explain everything that the gem lab report states. Also, if you are in need of a jewelry repair then expertise and craftsmanship is invaluable. If you want to design your own diamond setting for an engagement ring or need a watch restored that is a family heirloom, you want to place this responsibility into the hands of a highly skilled jeweler that has a lot of experience (this is where inquiries like how long a jeweler has been in business is important!). It never hurts to ask if they have a portfolio of their work and what their guarantee includes. If they are unable to answer seemingly simple questions about jewelry pieces or hesitate at all on a repair, keep on moving until you find a jeweler you are comfortable with.

3. Jewelry Services Offered

At some point in the life of a jewelry piece, especially a beloved one that is worn frequently, there will be repairs or even replacements needed. Review the jeweler’s policies on cleaning and maintenance or repairs. If you are purchasing a ring, you could ask if yearly cleanings and inspections are available as well as replating and resizing options. What if a gemstone falls out of the setting or worse, is lost? Check on what their replacement options include and be sure to know where the repairs or replacements are done. Some jewelers send out the work which can result in longer wait times and possibly more risk of loss. Usually a full service jeweler will complete all work in house and therefore can quickly handle any issues that arise to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

4. Local Jeweler Reviews

If you’re not sure where to begin searching it’s always helpful to ask family or friends who they trust as their jeweler. Nothing compares to first hand experience from those that have already found their lifetime jeweler. You can also search locally through online review forums such as Yelp or, if the company has a Facebook page, you can read those reviews to get a better idea of their reputation. As with any review forum you may see a mix of good and bad but if the positive reviews overwhelmingly outweigh the negative ones, then take that as a good sign.

5. Personal Jeweler vs. Salesperson

Let’s be realistic, jewelry sales are usually commissioned but it’s how you as the customer feel about the sale that should truly matter. If you walk into a jewelry shop you will probably be able to recognize right away if someone is just looking for a sale or if the associate is truly interested in answering your questions, getting to know what you want and offering options that meet those needs. The latter is what you want to find!

When you come across a jeweler who focuses on customer satisfaction and is readily available to provide personal assistance and builds your trust, then look no further! Your jeweler should be like your favorite hair stylist or the coffee barista that makes you walk away feeling great and over time will truly be worth their weight in gold. If you ever have any questions or concerns or want to test our service, please don’t hesitate to call or visit our Gilbert showroom to see what Forever Diamonds can do for you. 


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