How to Care For Engagement Rings

How to Best Care for Engagement Rings After You Say ‘I Do’

Proudly wearing your wedding band and engagement ring together as a fixture on your left hand signifies you’ve said your vows and celebrated your big day. What a wonderful time of life! With all the planning and preparation that goes into weddings we want to make sure your jewelry, the symbol of your love and commitment, isn’t forgotten in the fray. So now that things have settled down a bit after your wedding, take some extra time to ensure your wedding rings are covered so that they stay just as sparkly and new as the day you said ‘I do.’

1. Is Your Engagement Ring Insured?

If you weren’t able to decide how to insure your engagement ring before your nuptials then now is the time to do it before the years start to fly by and something happens to your ring. A good place to start is by talking with your current renter’s or homeowner’s insurance company to see what options they provide. Be sure to find out what happens if the ring is damaged or stolen. In the case of loss or theft will you be able to get the full replacement cost? If your policy only covers a certain maximum amount per jewelry piece then you may want to look into a supplemental plan or rider to your current policy. If you’re not sure of the actual value of your engagement ring, a trusted Gilbert jeweler can suggest an appraiser who can assess that for you. Tip: Make sure your engagement ring is sized correctly! We have seen loose fitting rings get lost and if not insured, then that is a big investment you won’t be able to get back.

2. Do You Know When to Remove Your Engagement Ring?

You may be thinking, take off my sparkly engagement ring…are you crazy?! But to preserve the integrity of the ring setting and diamonds, here are some times that you should think about removing it.

-when you go swimming in pools, oceans, etc. to avoid losing it or scratching it

-when you are going to clean, keep it away from harsh chemicals to avoid damage

-taking it off before showering to avoid losing it down the drain

-not wearing it while you sleep to avoid prongs catching on quilts or bed sheets

Our philosophy is that it is easier to take good care of your rings so that you can avoid ring repairs or replacements! Tip: Avoid taking your ring off in public places when washing hands to avoid having it stolen or forgetting it.

3. How Often is Maintenance Needed on Diamond Rings?

Engagement rings can use a good, professional cleaning about once a year just to keep up their sparkle but the maintenance of the ring will depend on the makeup of your ring including the type of precious metals and types of stones. Our helpful engagement ring setting guide can give you some tips as to the upkeep of each precious metal. At home you can use warm water, a mild dish soap and soft toothbrush to clean most diamond rings and settings once a week but it is important to have a qualified jeweler inspect your engagement ring every few years to avoid loose prongs, chipped or lost stones and to re-dip the white gold.

We wish you all the love and happiness that marriage brings and want your engagement ring to always shine as brightly as your love. If you have any questions about diamonds, engagement ring settings, ring care or anything related to jewelry, our Gilbert jewelers have  almost a century of knowledge to help you out!


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