How Do I Choose the Best Place to Sell My Gold?

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What Are The Benefits of Selling My Gold Near Me?

Have you ever thought about selling your unused gold jewelry but are not sure how or where to begin? Selling gold for cash or credit can seem like an intimidating task but let us put your mind at ease and explain a bit about how gold selling and buying works. Selling your gold can be a simple way of gaining some money quickly and I don’t know of anyone who would turn down a chance to have some extra cash, do you? So whether you want to sell an old, dented gold ring to buy a new piece of jewelry or save the cash for a rainy day fund, here are some benefits of selling gold to your local jeweler.

Can I Sell My Gold for Competitive Prices?

Gold prices have been fairly steady over the past five years so data trends prove that it is a solid market! With technology nowadays, you, as a consumer, have the ability to compare prices on websites that will tell you the current price of gold. Keep in mind the dollar amount online won’t be the exact price you will get depending on certain factors, like the weight and karat of your gold. But at least you can be aware of what fair gold prices are for that time period and we always suggest that you get at least a couple bids from different places. A reputable jeweler will always guarantee their spot quote for a few days so you have time to price shop. Of course, our jewelers always check the most up-to-date gold prices to be sure we are offering competitive gold rates so we can take the work out of that if you’d like! We are also happy to help answer questions you have about selling other precious metals like platinum or silver but you will almost always get the most money for your unused gold rings, necklace chains and other gold items.

How Do I Choose the Best Place to Sell My Gold?

We understand that selling your gold is a personal and private matter. There are many venues that will buy your gold so luckily, you have a wide range of choices. It all comes down to personal preference and where you feel you will get the most for your gold. Selling to a reputable jewelry store has the benefit of a more personal touch because you can make an appointment to meet with a jeweler to review and weigh your gold and discuss the price quote. It has also proven to be a more comfortable environment than other shops that may not be as seamless a process and keep negotiating price with you, especially if you send your gold away. The shipping costs and waiting period can be significant. Plus, we’ve all seen movies or driven by certain parts of town where there are not the most trustworthy places that you may want to steer clear of when selling your gold. For example, shops that do not ask for identification are not following federal regulations that try to protect consumers from getting mixed up with any stolen property or improper reporting. We want you to feel comfortable selling your gold and that is why a trusted jeweler should be happy to answer all your questions before you make your decision and not haggle with you over prices. Plus, if you would like some more pointers on how to sell your gold check out our secrets to selling gold.

Are There Advantages of Selling Gold for Cash or Store Credit?

The obvious perk here is that those tangled gold chains that have been lying around in your drawer could make you some nice walking around money. Or if you need to build up your emergency fund a bit, cash for your gold can help with that as well. But did you know, you may be able to get an even better deal for your gold if you turn around and buy that diamond ring you’ve been eyeing?! Some jewelers will increase the amount they give you for your unwanted gold jewelry so you can swap it for a new or custom jewelry piece in store. This is an especially great choice to consider if you’re engagement ring shopping! Ask the jeweler if they have special pricing for gold if you plan to turn around and spend it in their store. If so, this could be a solution if you don’t have quite enough funds in your bank account to buy that perfect diamond ring. You could turn that old gold ring or watch into the forever ring for your love!

The best place to sell your gold is one that will give you the fairest price and answer all of your questions so you feel completely comfortable with the sale of your gold. Be sure to ask about the option to increase the value of the sale if you choose to turn around and buy jewelry at their store. As always, we feel it is important to treat our customers like family so come on by our Gilbert store and we can help make selling your gold as easy and stress free as possible!


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