How and Why to Get Your Proper Ring Size

set of metal ring sizers 

Importance of Proper Ring Sizing

You may be thinking, well of course I know that correct ring sizing is important! But do you know how to make sure you get the correct ring size and at what point is the best time to size a ring? We’ll give you some of our expert jeweler advice to make sure your ring fits just right for you so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

How to Get Your Correct Ring Size

There are many different ways to figure out your ring size, a quick online search will give you a chart or a printable ring sizing ruler to try to determine it on your own. A good way to use those DIY charts is by taking a ring that already fits the finger you want to buy a ring for, usually the ring finger, and compare it to the size chart. If you don’t have a ring that already fits or you know your ring size has changed or just truly have no idea what your ring size is, then of course you’ll want to come to your local Gilbert jeweler! That way you can try on the different ring sizers (the metal rings that show sizes even down to the half and quarter sizes) and get the most accurate results. Feel free to try on the ring sizers a couple times, like when you first come into the store and then again before you go. That way you can get a good feel for how the ring fits plus if you were nervous coming in, which can make your hands warmer or colder than usual, then hopefully we’ve put your mind at ease and that little change in the natural temperature of your hands can make a difference in the ring size. We always say, you have the right fit if the ring feels snug and goes on easily but takes a little effort to come off!

What Happens from Improper Ring Sizing?

As we mentioned above, if you try to measure your ring size while your hands are cold or vice versa when it’s the heat of summer or the end of the day when your hands are a bit swollen then the ring size won’t be as accurate. The worst thing that can happen from an improperly sized ring is loss. If the ring is too loose it can fall off and you may not even realize it until it’s too late. Another issue we see is when someone orders a ring too small and then it can be difficult and sometimes costly to try to fix this issue. That’s why we want to help save you the hassle and always suggest if you’re in doubt, order a size up and we can usually work on sizing it down if needed. It is important to note though, some ring settings need to be pretty spot on with sizing. For example, a ring that has intricate metalwork or small diamonds down the sides of the setting can be hard to make smaller without removing some of those details.

Should Engagement Rings Be Sized Before the Proposal?

This is a popular question and really depends on each couple. When you pop the question you will probably want everything to be perfect, including the ring size. Proposing and not being able to slip that ring on her finger can be a little bit of a let down. So think about what type of couple you are and whether she loves surprises or likes to plan and be in on the details then you can decide on sizing the ring before or after the proposal. Obviously, if you want the proposal to be a surprise then you will choose an engagement ring and try to get the right size by asking a family member or close friend if they know her ring size. If not, then you can do some of your own investigating and if possible take a ring that she already wears on that finger to a jeweler to find out the size. A jeweler’s motto once again is, when in doubt, buy the ring a bit bigger since it’s easier to size down in most cases!

Ring sizing doesn’t take long at all and we are happy to help you figure out the proper size anytime you come to our Gilbert showroom. Remember, we work on all types of rings from vintage pieces to engagement rings so don’t hesitate to ask us for help with any of your ring sizing needs, even if you didn’t purchase the ring from us we are always thrilled to see your beautiful rings and get you wearing them with a proper fit!


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