May's Birthstone: Emerald





Does someone special in your life celebrate a May birthday or maybe their favorite color is green?! We share some history and fun facts about emeralds for all your emerald buying needs!

4th Annual Forever Diamonds (Virtual) Easter Egg Hunt

egg hunt 2017 banner

Ready to take part in our annual Easter Egg Hunt? Whether you're a professional hunter at this point or you'll be joining us for first time we've got all the details broken down for you on this page. We'll have more prizes this year as well as a grand prize for one lucky winner (valued at over $1,000)! This is a virtual Easter Egg hunt with eggs hidden all throughout the pages of our website! No need to travel to Gilbert to participate, it all takes place on our website AND our Forever Diamonds Facebook page. Anyone is welcome to join in the Forever Diamonds Easter Egg hunt! 

Can You Spot Fake Diamond Jewelry?

jeweler inspecting diamond bracelet to see if it is real

Buying fine jewelry nowadays can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for in a real diamond or gemstone. With technological advances in glass filling and chemical treatments it can be difficult to tell when diamond or gemstone jewelry is in it’s natural state unless you just happen to have a professional jeweler’s loupe that magnifies the gem. Since April Fool’s Day is coming up we want to help you avoid being duped into buying fake jewelry, which can be a costly mistake. So here we offer a jeweler’s perspective on what to look for to tell if the jewelry you are wanting to buy is genuine!

Surprise Your Loved One with a Diamond Upgrade!

different size white diamonds

Can You Wow Your Spouse With a Diamond Upgrade?

What way to better surprise your loved one than with jewelry and not just any jewelry, diamonds!