Surprise Your Loved One with a Diamond Upgrade!

different size white diamonds

Can You Wow Your Spouse With a Diamond Upgrade?

What way to better surprise your loved one than with jewelry and not just any jewelry, diamonds!

How Do I Choose the Best Place to Sell My Gold?

buy sell pawn shop in neon orange & green lights

Selling your gold is a personal choice and we offer some hints to help make your experience go smoothly!

Guide to Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Sparkling colored loose diamonds and term 4C as gemstones

If you're considering a fancy colored diamond engagement ring, you are very much in style! To help guide you, we have shared the 4 C's of colored diamonds!

Fancy Colored Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Classic white diamonds will forever be associated with engagement rings but many couples are opting for colored diamond engagement rings made popular in recent decades. The use of colored diamonds isn't a new concept though, so let's look a little closer at how fancy colored diamonds debuted!

Engagement Rings from Local Jewelers vs Large Chain Jeweler

If you're in the market for an engagement ring, congratulations! We know picking a forever ring is an important decision and here are some benefits, like quality and craftsmanship, that you'll get when shopping with a local jeweler.