How to Care For Engagement Rings









As things settle down a bit after your wedding, take the time to ensure your wedding rings are properly taken care of so they last as long as your love!

Smart Tips When Buying Gold or Jewelry Online

smartphone in hand buying jewelry online







There are so many sites you can use to buy or sell online and it can be easy to find a good deal but we wonder, is it always safe?

Summer Jewelry Care: Professional Tips

Jewelry can have a rough go of it in summer if not cared for properly so think twice before jumping into the swimming pool, lake or ocean with your best jewels on!

When Do You Need to Repair Your Ring Prongs?

Ring prongs can take some pretty heavy blows, especially on a ring you wear every day like your wedding ring! Amazingly these little metal claws can hang in there a long time keeping your precious gemstones safe. However, there is only so much wear and tear ring prongs can take before they need repaired or in some cases, replaced.