How to Avoid Needing Watch Repair

Whether you wear a watch everyday or only for special occasions there are some watch care tips we want to share to help you avoid watch repairs.

Engagement Rings: Etiquette

You’ve found your one and only love and now you want to spend your time finding and purchasing the perfect engagement ring so be sure to do it right!

Engagement Rings: Styles & Current Trends

Along with choosing a ring setting, there are several styles of diamonds and gemstones to choose from and current trends made popular by celebrities have shown us that most any style ring can be considered an engagement ring.

Engagement Rings: Creative Holiday Proposals

As the holidays quickly approach this year our thoughts turn towards family gatherings and traditions, holiday parties, sparkling lights and….wedding proposals! December is the most popular month to get engaged and it’s not hard to see why.

Engagement Rings: Settings Guide

Engagement rings are meant to be timeless, treasured jewels to symbolize a couple’s love and commitment to one another. As such a meaningful piece of jewelry, it is no wonder that a lot of time and thought be put into choosing the ring. With so many options nowadays it may seem a bit overwhelming but let us give you a few pointers.