Gift Guide for A Special Holiday Jewelry Gift This Year

As we head into November it’s clear that that time of year is quickly approaching. The time when we start brainstorming ideas of what gifts we will give our loved ones. Our modern lives have become so fast paced and, unfortunately, the same can often be said about gift giving. Instead of resorting to a quick gift card this year, why not invest in a holiday gift that will really make an impression on your loved ones?

The right jewelry can really express so much to a person and say so much about a relationship and the value that relationship holds. Movies and books have always highlighted the unique anticipation of unwrapping a special little box stashed in a stocking or wrapped up under a Christmas tree. This classic gift and anticipation is timeless, classic, heartfelt, and almost always greatly appreciated.

While there is nothing wrong with just going to the jewelry store to pick out a special holiday gift, we’ve compiled a list of truly heartfelt holiday jewelry gift ideas you might want to consider that will make that special gift extraordinary.

10 Jewelry Ideas for Special Holiday Gift Giving This Year

1. Custom Jewelry for A Holiday Gift Twist – At Forever Diamonds, we offer custom jewelry design. When it comes to jewelry, nothing could be more special than spending the time creating something truly unique and reflective of how much you value a close relationship. Our expert jeweler will sit down with you to help you come up with the perfect design and bring it to life! From the initial concept and creating molds to the exquisite final piece, you will walk away with something truly breath-taking.

2. Religious Jewelry, A Timeless Holiday Gift – It’s easy get caught up in the holiday gift giving season, but a piece of religious jewelry, such as a cross, will serve as a timeless, classic holiday gift to remind us of the love, hope and joy behind the true holiday spirit. Gift a special someone in your life with a reminder to carry that love and joy in their heart year-round.

3. Classic Diamond Stud Earrings – Is there anyone that would be disappointed with diamond stud earrings? We don’t think so! As one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry this is sure to be a hit! There are so many different cuts, metals, and price ranges to choose from there is sure to be something to be a perfect fit.

4. Matching Jewelry Gift  – Give someone the gift that will serve as a constant reminder of your love by giving them a necklace or ring and keeping a matching one of your own. Whether it’s for a daughter, sister, or friend, matching jewelry is a lovely way to give someone a token of your love and to show them just how important they are to you. No matter how far away your loved one is, when you are both wearing them, you will have moments that cause you to smile knowing the strength of your relationship and friendship.

5. Rings for Holiday Gifting to Loved Ones – The endlessness of a ring symbolizes love and eternity. For any close family members, or the family you choose, a ring is a perfect sentimental gift. From a simple band to a 3-stone jewelry piece that symbolizes the past, present and future of your relationship, a ring tied with a card expressing that love and trust is bound to make a big impression.

6. Jewelry with Cherished Individual’s Birthstones – Gifting someone with their birthstone is a nice way to add a personal touch to their gift. For a mother, grandmother or mother figure, a jewelry piece tying in all the birthstones of their children, grandchildren or their “just-like-their-own” children is a meaningful gift to give them that will undoubtedly be very special because of the meaning it will hold!

7. The Gift of Timeless Memories with a Locket – For something classic that can be endlessly updated, a locket is a great choice. Over the years your loved one can switch out the photos or remember special memories from the past by keeping their locket close to their heart. There is something truly special about a locket and it’s something that is enjoyed by everyone from kids to older adults.

8.  A Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet – Did you know that before the name “diamond tennis bracelet” became popular these bracelets were called eternity bracelets? It wasn’t until 1978, when tennis player Chris Evert lost her bracelet during the U.S. Open and halted play until it was found, that the name tennis bracelet began and has stuck ever since. Regardless of what you prefer to call this bracelet it is symbolic of eternal love and has become another jewelry fashion staple. If you want to treat a special someone with this timeless classic this year we know it will be a gift they won’t ever forget and a Christmas they will long remember.

9. A Holiday Engagement Ring – We had to include this one! Did you know that nearly 19% of engagements take place in December? That’s the most out of any single month! There is so much joy and love around the holidays, why not make this Christmas even more amazing by popping the question to that special someone?

10. Revitalize a Gift from the Past – Vintage jewelry restoration is a wonderful and meaningful gift option. Over the years a vintage family heirloom can become worn down and lose its once notable shine. Often these pieces hold significant emotional value but make their way out of the regular rotation. Gifting a loved one with the service of jewelry restoration can make that once treasured heirloom new again and bring back the joy and memory of the past it holds!

These are just a few of the great jewelry options we have in store for your holiday gifting. Come by our showroom to look around in person and talk to us about what you might be looking for. We buy and sell vintage jewelry and can always keep an eye out for you if you are looking for something in particular. No matter who or what jewelry you are shopping for this year we are looking forward to helping you find that perfect gift.


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