Forever Diamonds Egg Hunt Rules Page

Think Easter Egg Hunts Are Just for Kids? Think again!


This is a virtual Easter Egg hunt with eggs hidden all throughout the pages of our website! Anyone is welcome to join in the Forever Diamonds Easter Egg hunt! You will need to post to our page when you find an egg, so “Like” us on Facebook to join in on the fun. 20 lucky winners will receive a prize AND be entered into a drawing for a Diamond Cross Necklace ($1000 value). Who said kids should have all the fun?

Here’s how it works:
Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page from now until the big day for some pre-Egg Hunt tips! We’re excited for you to join us and win some great prizes.

What You Need to Know

– Visit and “Like” us on Facebook. This is where you will be posting your finds! (required)
– Get familiar with our website. This will be your egg hunting ground!
– Eggs can be hidden on any page of our website
– Eggs come in 4 varieties (see below) and can be of any size!
– Everyone who finds an egg will win a prize or service.
– You will need to copy the web address for each egg you find
– Make sure to visit our Facebook page Friday at 8:30 am for some last minute Egg Hunting Tips!
– The Forever Diamonds Egg Hunt will begin on Friday the 18th, at 9:00 am 

How To Win:

– Find an egg! Then immediately go to our Facebook page and add a comment with your egg’s web address on our “Get In My Basket!” post
– Be sure to include the web address of the egg you found in your comment. Example Post: I found one! At http://www.foreverdiamondsaz.com/gallery/custom/bangle-bracelet-filigree
– Every lucky egg finder will be entered into a drawing for a Diamond Cross Necklace ($1000 value)
– Only the FIRST person to post each egg location will be considered a “winner”

A full list of winners,  including the winner of the grand prize, will be posted on Facebook. Check back on our Facebook page on Friday, the 25th, to see the results!

Happy Easter and Hunting from Forever Diamonds! 


You’ve found the golden egg!! Enter your information below for a chance to win! 


Extra Points

Invite a friend to play and you will get an additional entry into the drawing.