Engagement Rings from Local Jewelers vs Large Chain Jeweler

white gold and platinum wedding bands and diamond engagement ring

Benefits of Buying Engagement Rings from Local Jeweler

If you are searching for engagement rings online then chances are you looking to buy one for your significant other or maybe you are hoping to send a strong hint and possible ring ideas to your loved one. Regardless of the reason, these are exciting times and congratulations on your upcoming engagement! Some people in your situation have asked whether it is better to buy engagement rings from large chains or local jewelers. Obviously, we are a tiny bit biased but, in reality, there are a lot of perks we want to share with you when buying a diamond ring from stand alone jewelry stores.

Highest Quality Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is something you will have for a very long time so it’s natural to spend precious time and money to find the right one. Now let’s be real, most people have a spending budget in mind as they shop for diamond rings and that’s an important factor! As a consumer, you want to find the highest quality ring within your spending limit. With that being said, you will probably find the best quality engagement rings at your local jeweler. The reason for this is that stand alone jewelry stores are responsible for their own purchasing and their own reputation. This means that they hand pick the gemstones, diamonds and metals from reputable suppliers that they choose to buy from so they can confidently stand by the jewelry they sell. The larger jewelry chains buy diamonds and settings in bulk from suppliers they are contracted to use and when diamonds are bought in bulk there may be a big difference in the quality of the gemstones. So when you choose a ring from a trusted, local jeweler you can rest assured that your money is well spent on a quality diamond. If you don’t have a jeweler yet we can guide you in choosing a jeweler you can trust or point you in the right direction on how to pick a diamond.

Better Customer Service When Shopping for Engagement Rings

It can feel exciting and spontaneous if you pop into a large jewelry store in the mall with all the sparkling diamonds and beautiful engagement ring settings. Depending on when you go in, however, there may not always be enough staff to assist you right away so you may have to wait to try on the rings. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience without the noise and traffic of a busy shopping mall, make an appointment with your local jeweler. That way you’ll receive one-on-one attention and be able to try on as many rings as you’d like and have all your questions answered by an experienced jeweler. Plus, as mentioned above, the quality of the diamonds and settings may be better than the larger jewelry stores. Be sure to ask about the care of the ring after the purchase to see if the jeweler offers warranties for all their products and repair services. In case you need any repairs or ring sizing you can rest assured that the work is all done on site and returned to you as quickly as possible! Chain jewelry stores send out repairs and ring sizing to off-site locations which could lead to a higher chance of losing your jewelry and it takes a longer amount of time to get the ring back.

Customized Engagement Rings

This may seem obvious, but when you buy an engagement ring from a local jeweler you are likely to get a more unique ring. Remember that chain jewelry shops may have many different rings to choose from but those same rings are featured in all of their locations throughout Gilbert, Chandler and the Phoenix area so the ring design may not be as original as you’d like. Some stand alone jewelry stores even offer custom ring design so you can be sure the engagement ring you get is truly one-of-a-kind. If you choose to design your own ring, which has become a very popular choice in recent years, the level of experience from jewelers in stand alone shops shines through in the intricate workmanship of the finished engagement ring.

We know you’ll choose the perfect engagement ring for you and your fiance and if there are any questions we can help answer, feel free to call us! If you live in the Gilbert area or are passing by, feel free to stop into our showroom if you want to learn more about engagement rings and our custom ring design process.


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