Engagement Rings: Etiquette

man and woman opening yellow gold engagement ring in red box

Engagement Rings: Etiquette

You’ve found your one and only love and now you want to spend your time finding and purchasing the perfect engagement ring. For some couples it is as simple as buying the ring, popping the question and sharing the exciting news with family and friends. While this is a beautiful time for you two to share, there are a lot of emotions involved and in certain cases some bases that need to be covered to ensure your happily ever after begins on the right track.

Engagement Rings: Traditional vs. Modern Purchase

As history has shown, the engagement ring is traditionally a purchase made by the man as a surprise for his fiancé. Depending on the personality and views of the bride-to-be, the groom should assume the responsibility of paying for the engagement ring or carefully consider whether to ask for help with the cost unless she offers. If you have agreed that you will both help to pay for the ring then that could lead to a helpful segway into who will choose the style and setting of the engagement ring. In the past, it has been customary for the man to choose but realistically, this is a ring that will be worn forever and some contemporary brides like to help choose their own engagement ring. For all of us romantics, this doesn’t mean the full element of surprise has to be taken away! As long as you and your fiancé discuss preferred setting type and platinum versus gold as well as favorite diamonds or gemstones then you can still go shopping on your own. This way the final engagement ring selection remains a surprise as does the time and place of the proposal!

Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

If you have chosen to propose with a family heirloom there are a few things to consider with this beautiful gesture. This piece of jewelry is tied to family memories and tradition so it is extremely important that other family members are in agreement with the decision that the ring is yours to give. Ensure that your family fully supports the decision that the ring is yours to give and even change or engrave as you see fit so there is no discord. Also, be sure that your betrothed is open to receiving an heirloom ring because even though many feel this is a romantic touch, some brides may not want to wear an older style or previously engraved ring. When choosing to propose with a family heirloom it is also extremely important to ensure that the ring is secure in it’s setting and design. Make sure older settings receive a thorough inspection as your love will most certainly be giving it a lot of wear as well as showing it off to friends and family. Have the ring evaluated by a trusted jeweler that specializes in vintage jewelry repair and restoration before returning such a treasured heirloom back to everyday wear. Vintage engagement rings are an extremely popular trend right now so your family heirloom may be the perfect choice!

Pairing your Wedding Band with your Engagement Ring

Many couples have asked if their wedding band has to match the engagement ring and honestly, it is all up to personal preference and lifestyle. There is no rule that your engagement ring must match your wedding band. In recent years many couples opt for different metals and styles of engagement and wedding bands. For example, we’ve seen mixed and matched yellow gold wedding bands with rose gold or platinum engagement rings. A popular look is the halo engagement ring that mixes metals, especially white gold and rose gold for a romantic touch. Many brides think of lifestyle when purchasing wedding bands. Generally the wedding ring is worn all the time, even when the engagement ring is not so choosing a band that is practical for daily activities is important. The classic look of matching wedding bands and engagement rings is still the most popular choice and our engagement ring gallery showcases some beautiful pairings.

Over the past few months we’ve been sharing some helpful pointers on everything from the origin of engagement rings to ring styles, engagement settings and current trends so if you are in need of any engagement ring related advice take a look at our Engagement Ring Series or come visit our Gilbert showroom.


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