Engagement Rings: Creative Holiday Proposals

diamond engagement ring set in snow against red rose

Proposal Ideas for Holiday Engagements in Arizona

As the holidays quickly approach this year our thoughts turn towards family gatherings and traditions, holiday parties, sparkling lights and….wedding proposals! According to theKnot.com, a popular wedding website, December is the most popular month to get engaged and it’s not hard to see why. Here in Arizona the weather is beautiful, everywhere is decorated with twinkling lights and overall, people are in a happy, festive mood. So, if you are planning to pop the question during the holidays this year, not only are we here to help you find the perfect engagement ring but here are some creative ideas to make your proposal special.

Memorable Engagement Settings in Arizona

Your engagement story is one that you will remember and probably tell for many years to come so putting some planning into how, when and where you propose is important. Luckily, the holiday time can set a romantic background without having to put a lot of work into it!

  • Based on your personalities you may decide to have a romantic dinner at home in front of the fireplace or propose under the mistletoe and have the most memorable kiss of your lives.
  • If you share a love of the outdoors, the Sonoran desert is beautiful and the weather is cool for a nice ‘proposal hike’ or if you prefer the cold, snowy weather head north to Sedona or Flagstaff for a winter wonderland kind of engagement. The latter could be a little tricky depending on weather so plan accordingly!
  • Maybe you prefer more of a city feel and downtown Phoenix has outdoor ice skating from late November to early January. So if you are brave (and coordinated enough) to propose on the ice, it would be a beautiful setting. Or stay on solid ground and take a walk through Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve ‘After Dark’ with luminaries lighting the path.

Don’t Forget the Engagement Ring!

In a survey of 19,000 couples on theKnot.com, the number one engagement mistake was proposing without an engagement ring! Of course your loving words and commitment are the most important part of proposing but for many people it feels more genuine and official if they have a ring to declare to the world that they are engaged. Plus, going to all the holiday gatherings with family and friends it’s really exciting to show it off. If you’re not sure where to begin we are happy to help guide you through the process of selecting an engagement ring. Maybe you are afraid of choosing a ring without your significant other, ask about the exchange policy or if it’s not a huge surprise, bring them with you and together you can choose or create an engagement ring of your very own in person through our custom ring design process with our trusted staff or online with our online custom ring design services.

Tips to Make the Proposal go Smoothly

So you’ve chosen the time, the place and you have the engagement ring and you’re probably so excited you have to tell someone! Just be careful how many people you share your plan with, especially if you want some things to be a surprise. If too many people know the exciting details then chances are your future fiancé could find out and might be disappointed. Also, the best laid plans don’t always go the way you think they will. So, if your romantic dinner is interrupted by a loud party at the table next to yours, suggest a little walk afterwards and ask when you can hear each other and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Holiday engagements are so romantic and we want you to have fond memories of the planning process. Our ring designer and engagement ring series are aimed at helping take away your stress while choosing or creating ‘the ring.’ We know the proposal planning can be a little overwhelming too but just remember, you are with the one that you love so take a deep breath and enjoy this magical time. We are always here to help with any engagement ring questions or concerns and love sharing in your excitement too!