Most Common Jewelry Questions

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Answers to the Most Common Jewelry Questions

When shopping for engagement rings, diamonds or really any fine jewelry you’re bound to have questions and that’s where your knowledgeable Gilbert jeweler comes in! We feel an informed customer will be a satisfied, happy customer when they make their purchase. So here is a quick guide to some of the most common jewelry questions we receive but if we don’t cover a topic then we are always just a phone call away!

How Should I Clean My Jewelry?

This is a great question that makes us happy you’re thinking about cleaning your jewelry since that is such a huge part of maintaining your precious gems! When it comes to cleaning jewelry at home it really depends on the type of stones in your jewelry. Diamonds, rubies & sapphires can withstand more than other gems so cleaning that type of jewelry yourself is usually pretty safe. Using warm, soapy water and a very soft baby toothbrush you can gently brush the ring and then let it dry on a clean cloth. With other gemstones (or if you’re unsure what stones are in your jewelry) it may be best to bring them to a jeweler for a professional cleaning. If you’re wearing a ring every day, like your diamond engagement ring for example, we suggest cleaning it every few weeks at home and bringing it to our Gilbert showroom once a year for a full inspection and cleaning, free of charge!

Why Are The 4 C’s of Diamonds Important?

Well let’s put it this way, if you were buying a car would you just pick out one that looks nice without doing any research or asking what year, make and model it is?! We sure hope not! The same goes with choosing a diamond and that is where cut, color, clarity and carat weight (the 4 C’s) come into play. These all factor in to the overall quality of the diamond and therefore, its price point. So, depending on your budget and the type of engagement ring you envision, our Gilbert jeweler can show you the diamond grading report for the rings you like or if you want to choose a loose diamond and create a custom ring that is all something that is done right here in our Gilbert shop as well!

What Is The Custom Design Process?

One of our passions is creating custom jewelry and the process will depend on quite a few things so that’s why we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our jeweler to discuss what type of jewelry piece you want to design, including gemstone and setting selection as well as the overall look you want it to have. There are a few steps our Gilbert jeweler will go through with you and then will take your vision and complete the articulate work to create your jewelry!

Can You Size My Ring?

Our Gilbert showroom has all the tools necessary to complete in-shop ring sizing! Feel free to bring in your ring so we can determine what size you need as well as if it is possible to size the ring. In some cases, the type of metal which makes up the setting is not resizeable, for example, tungsten and titanium rings are so strong they can not be resized. The other details we will look at would be if there are intricate pieces and tiny gemstones in the ring setting that will be compromised if the ring is resized. Our jeweler will carefully look at all these factors to help you with your ring sizing!

Is My Gold Jewelry Worth Selling?

Always a valid concern, our Gilbert jeweler will be happy to look at the type of gold jewelry you are wanting to sell and will give you a free quote that is good for seven days! The price will depend on what the karat (10K, 18K, etc.) your gold is made of plus the amount and size of the jewelry pieces or coins you want to sell. In general, the rule goes: “the higher the karat, the more gold alloy in the jewelry and the more valuable it is” so we will give you a competitive quote based on what the market bears at that time!

Hopefully this information helped answer some of your jewelry questions but like we said, our passion is jewelry and we are here to help answer any query you may have! So come on in or give us a call anytime!