Buying the Engagement Ring Before or After the Proposal?

To Propose With or Without an Engagement Ring?

That is the question! Living in Arizona, you know that this time of year includes gorgeous weather and many weddings and engagements. So, if you are planning a proposal we offer some creative options to help answer the engagement ring query. Keep in mind, there is not one right answer because it will depend on each other’s personalities and your relationship but hopefully this will help decide which path is best for you and your loved one.

Will Your Future Fiance Expect an Engagement Ring When You Propose?

This is where you’ll have to look closely at your relationship to decide how to propose! Obviously your love and devotion to one another is the most important part of any relationship. As we talk to couples choosing their engagement rings, it is clear to see that the ring is a symbol of their choice to spend their lives together and their love and marriage would be beautiful with or without a ring at the proposal. Let’s be honest though, many couples feel that the proposal and engagement is more genuine and more complete with an engagement ring. Traditionally, the ring is a sign of commitment and thoughtfulness as couples recognize the time and money spent to pick out this special gift. Plus, it is really exciting to be able to show off something sparkly whenever you make the announcement to family and friends. On the other hand, there are couples who are content to have a ringless proposal because they know that eventually they will choose an engagement ring together or for financial reasons, they plan to save up for wedding bands. For others, there is hesitation based on the worry that you won’t choose a diamond ring that she will love so in this case, continue reading for other options that will make the proposal just as meaningful!

Could You Propose With a ‘Placeholder’ Engagement Ring?

What is a ‘placeholder ring’ you may ask? This is a term that explains a marriage proposal with a temporary engagement ring, so to speak. The ring is intended to be worn until the couple chooses an engagement ring together or to allow the bride-to-be to express her opinion about whether she wants an engagement ring or maybe a custom made wedding band or both! For those that don’t want to propose empty handed, this is the perfect way to show you’re committed but that you value her opinion and want her to choose something she’ll love wearing the rest of her life. A placeholder ring can be any ring, if she has a sense of humor maybe a gaudy costume ring would work or if she is more traditional then you can buy a diamond engagement ring and confirm with the jeweler that the return policy is solid so that you can go back together to exchange it for a ring she chooses.

Surprise Her With Your Engagement Ring Knowledge

If you have decided to choose a ring together, whether before or after the proposal, there can still be an element of surprise when you go to the jewelry store! Before you shop for an engagement ring together, learn about the diamond 4 C’s so that you know what terms describe certain qualities of the diamond and wow her by asking informed questions. There are also many styles to choose from when it comes to engagement ring settings so memorize the styles you think she will like the best as a nice way to show her how much thought you have put into this already!

Sharing in your love and excitement is probably the best part of being a jeweler! We are always here to help with any questions you may have about engagement rings or any jewelry for that matter. Stop by if you’re in the Gilbert area or call us any time!


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