Avoiding Jewelry Repair: Necklace Care

gold necklace repair with soldering jeweler tools

How Can You Avoid Jewelry Repairs: Necklace Care

Sometimes it seems like necklace repairs are needed at the most inopportune times. Like when the string on your favorite necklace breaks scattering pearls all over the floor as you’re running out the door. Or you are getting ready for a special occasion and the clasp won’t close on that statement necklace that completes the outfit. We want to share some tips to help you avoid needing necklace repairs as well as when it’s best to bring them to your Gilbert jeweler!

What Happens When Necklaces Are Not Stored Properly?

If you have been too busy to organize or put away your jewelry and it’s all on the top of your dresser, you are not alone! However, there are a few issues with having everything jumbled together. Plus, as we mentioned above, when you have a necklace snafu it can be at very inconvenient moments so let us help you avoid wasted time and money by sharing why it’s a good idea to sort out all your jewelry. The biggest issue to avoid is tarnish. If left out on a dresser some metals tarnish quickly and that oxidation can rub off onto other jewelry when they touch. Another problem is when you have delicate or soft gems like pearls, in the ‘pile’. Pearls and some gems can be easily scratched so separating these items is very important to maintain the look of your jewelry. Lastly, it is inevitable that when earrings, rings and necklaces aren’t sorted they will get tangled together which leads to a lot of time spent untwisting the pieces and may even create knots or broken necklace chains. So let’s avoid these issues shall we?!

How Can You Care for Your Special Necklaces?

We suggest storing your special occasion and high quality gemstone necklaces safely in pouches in a drawer or box and maybe have your everyday and costume necklaces hanging up so they are easy to pick out and put on. If you have a good sized jewelry box with separate lined spaces that is a great way to help you get organized but you don’t need one! A clear, hanging shoe organizer can work just as well with soft jewelry pouches or even plastic bags that can be tightly sealed. Plus, it’s so easy to see all your jewelry that way! We always recommend keeping each necklace in its own separate baggie to prevent metals or stones from having chemical reactions, like tarnishing and dulling of the gemstones. The best rule to follow before and after wearing a necklace is wiping it with a soft cloth. Wiping down the necklace before putting it on will rub off any tarnish or smudges so that it shines when you wear it, plus it will allow you to take a closer look and make sure the clasp is in good shape. Doing the same after you wear it helps remove any dirt or oil so that when the necklace is stored there is no moisture or grime that will eat away at the metals or gems.

Are Necklace Repairs Best Left to Your Gilbert Jeweler?

Not all necklace repairs can be avoided, even if you take very good care wiping them down and storing them properly necklace chains can break over time or pendants can loose gems. Even tarnish occurs in the best scenarios and the thread on pearl or beaded necklaces stretches a little bit each time you wear it. Luckily, if you find a full service jeweler they should be able to clean and restore most jewelry to its original state and should offer necklace restringing. If the break is something you can restring yourself, feel free to take the time and save the money. Unfortunately, often times there are specific tools and possibly even soldering that needs to take place to fully fix a broken chain or replace lost gemstones. If you’re not sure, bring it in for some expert advice and a free quote!

It’s worth it to take the time to organize and store jewelry properly! In the long run it keeps your necklaces strong and shiny plus saves time when you’re getting ready and don’t have to untangle them. As always, there will be natural wear and tear over time so if you are in need of any necklace repairs, please visit or give us a call!


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