5 Tips on Giving Jewelry for Mother’s Day

5 Gift-Giving Tips for Mother’s Day Jewelry

Any mother can probably tell you some of the Mother’s Day gifts she’s received over the years and we’ll take a guess that some of the most memorable ones are jewelry. The true significance jewelry can hold contains emotions beyond words. Especially when it is a custom jewelry piece specifically to honor the person who has given so much of herself to care for you. To help with your important Mother’s Day purchase we have a few ideas to share.

. Birthstone Rings & Necklaces

Birthstone rings and necklaces are a classic gift and the perfect way to customize your Mother’s Day gift. You can put as much effort into this as you want but come on, this is your mom so go all out! A nice idea would be to find her birthstone in a ring, necklace or earrings and give that to her for Mother’s Day. If you really want to surprise her though, custom design jewelry for your mom using all her children’s or even grandchildren’s birthstones and create something that reminds her of the people she loves most. When you envision the custom jewelry, keep in mind her personality and overall functionality because she will probably wear this a lot. Use those factors to help you choose a delicate versus stronger gemstone setting or a stronger necklace chain to be sure this gift will withstand the loving wear it will get.

2. Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a dazzling reminder of a mother’s beauty, inside and out. For any hard working mom, diamond jewelry can make her feel like everything she does each day, even laundry and dishes, are truly appreciated. Along with the birthstone theme, if mom happens to have an April birthday then you can tell her the double meaning of the gift. After all, you wouldn’t be the person you are if she was never born! Plus, if you shop ahead you may be able to find some amazing deals on diamond jewelry so check with your jeweler to see what specials they might offer.

3. Engraved Jewelry

Engraving is another perfect way to customize jewelry for that special mom in your life. Some people choose to engrave her children’s names on a ring or bracelet that can also have their birthstones set into the piece. Another touching way to custom design a ring or necklace would be to engrave a special saying or term of endearment that she uses. Imagine her surprise at all the thought you put into this special gift!

4. Pearl Jewelry

Always elegant and feminine, pearls are a lovely choice for Mother’s Day gifts. Pearl jewelry can be a little more budget friendly than diamonds and can even double as a birthstone gift if her birthday happens to be in June! Not only are pearls beautiful but they can be paired with any outfit and can be dressy or give a bit of vintage flare if set in a brooch or pin.

5. Jewelry Repair

Most every mother has a piece of jewelry that has been broken by wear and tear so have it fixed as her gift. We know this sounds like an odd tip but it can truly mean a lot to your mom if her favorite jewelry needs repaired and she just hasn’t had the time or money to do it. This takes a bit of planning on your part since you’ll need to take the piece to the jeweler in time to have it repaired and cleaned. Then you can wrap it to give it back to her looking like new on Mother’s Day. Also, to not cause your mother worry, we suggest asking to take a look through her jewelry box with her, maybe under the ruse that you or your wife, girlfriend, etc. needs to borrow something. See what her favorite pieces are and if any are broken let her know you would like to borrow them to see what your local, friendly jeweler could do to repair them. That way your mom knows you have borrowed it and that her jewelry has not been lost and can be pleasantly surprised when she opens her Mother’s Day gift to jewelry that she can wear again!

Whether you are buying for your own mother, grandmother, the mother of your children or an important mother figure in your life, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! If you have any questions about birthstones or jewelry repair, give us a call or stop by our Gilbert showroom.


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