4th Annual Forever Diamonds (Virtual) Easter Egg Hunt

The Grown-Up (virtual) Easter Egg Hunt!

Ready to take part in our annual Easter Egg Hunt? Whether you’re a professional hunter at this point or you’ll be joining us for first time we’ve got all the details broken down for you on this page. We’ll have more prizes this year as well as a grand prize for one lucky winner (valued at over $1,000)! This is a virtual Easter Egg hunt with eggs hidden all throughout the pages of our website! No need to travel to Gilbert to participate, it all takes place on our website AND our Forever Diamonds Facebook page. Anyone is welcome to join in the Forever Diamonds Easter Egg hunt! 

Be sure to read through this years rules and please contact us via Facebook if you have any questions! 

How To Play – Official Rules:


  1. Join us on Facebook. Be sure to Visit and “Like” our Facebook Page. Not only is this where you will be “claiming” your eggs, but you will also find some helpful tips being posted throughout the upcoming weeks so be sure to visit the page well before the day of the hunt! (required to participate)
  2. Familiarize yourself with our website. Have you visited the blog? Have you explored the pages within our services section? The better you know our website the more quickly you will be able to spot the new arrivals that that sneaky Bunny has hidden throughout our site. (suggested)
  3. Stay informed on future contests. Have you signed up for our Newsletter? We do various online and in-store contests througout the year. If you enjoy this contest and want to make sure you don’t miss out on any future games or contests we run then be sure to sign up for our newsletter


  1. How will I know when the hunt begins? The hunt will begin at 9:00 AM (Arizona Time) on April 14th. We will announce the official start of the hunt on Facebook with our Official “Get In My Basket” Post. At this time all of the eggs will be hidden throughout the site and the hunt will officially begin. 
  2. Where are the eggs? When the day of the big hunt arrives photos on our website will be replaced with ones that have eggs “hiding” in them. To find an egg just click through our site until you come across one of these images. In past years ANY of the pages have been fair game, but since our site has grown exponentially we will be limiting the areas. For this year’s contest all areas of our site will be included in the hunt EXCEPT the full gallery. Eggs can be found in the gallery ONLY under the engagement ring section and the vintage jewelry sections.
  3. What do the eggs look like? Below you will see what the eggs look like this year. They can come in different sizes and will be placed in other photos that are already on our site.
    pictures of easter eggs
  4. What do I do once I find an egg?
    1. When you find an egg you will need to copy the web address of the page it is on from your browser. 
    2. Then, immediately visit our Facebook page and the Official “Get In My Basket” post.
    3. Next, “claim” the egg by being the first participant to post that address as a comment on the Official “Get In My Basket”.
      Example Comment: I found one! At http://www.foreverdiamondsaz.com/necklace-repair-gilbert
  5. How many people can claim an egg? Only one person can claim each egg. We will remove the eggs that are found as quickly as possible, but due to a slight overlap of time it is possible that two people may post a claim to the same egg. In this case we are only able to award the egg to the person who claimed the egg first according to the order of the Facebook posts.
  6. How many eggs can I claim? This year each person will be limited to 3 eggs each.


  1. Everyone who finds an egg will need to be able to come to our showroom to redeem their prize or service. One prize or service is given per egg. All winners must be able to come pick-up their prize as we will be unable to mail them.
  2. Every lucky egg finder will be entered into our grand prize drawing. One lucky winner will be drawn from our group of “finders” and receive the Grand Prize (valued at over $1,000)!

Get ready, it’s almost Egg Hunting time!!!

A full list of winners, including the winner of the grand prize, will be posted on Facebook. Check back on our Facebook page Monday, April 17th to see the results!


You’ve found the golden egg!! Enter your information below for a chance to win! 


Extra Points

Invite a friend to play and you will get an additional entry into the drawing.